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Biomass 73.3%

Contains 51% or more of wood flour

This is a plant-derived biomass injection molding material that uses industrial waste wood flour with a specific gravity of 51% (more than 90% by volume) as the main raw material. As the biomass component is 73.3% (more than 51% wood flour), it can be handled as a wooden product even though it is an injection-molded product.




We have developed unique material technology, mold technology, molding technology, and decoration technology for wood flour biomass plastic.




It is a composite of 51% wood + 46% biodegradable resin + 3% compatibilizer.




Temperature control is important for MIRAIWOOD molding. From the pellet making stage, we have devised ways to prevent burning due to temperature rise.





Since wood powder is prone to burning and gassing due to temperature rise, gas countermeasures are implemented at the gate structure and mold stage.

In addition to dedicated molds, convertible molds with regular plastic molding and MIRAIWOOD conversion modification from existing molds are also available.





Even biomass plastics, which are difficult to mold, can be injection molded with the same high precision and quality as resin products.

In addition, the surface can be decorated with a variety of decorative patterns to create a luxurious feel.

リサイクル可能な循環素材 アップサイクル木粉ペレット

recyclable up-cycled wood flour pellets



We collect wood dust waste from the manufacture of baseball bats and lacquerware in a freshly shaved and very clean state.



Wood dust from industrial waste wood is processed in a domestic factory for upcycling process. No bleach or other chemicals are used.



A special heat treatment is applied to the wood flour to improve fluidity, and the grain size is evened out to make the texture finer.




 Wood flour is mixed with biodegradable resin and upcycled into composite molding materials.



Molded pellets are completed. The high wood powder content of 51% or more is stable at the mass production level, so it is possible to produce "wood products" by molding.


MIRAIWOOD Pellet (Normal)

MIRAIWOODペレット 高流動性(type J)

MIRAIWOOD Pellets High fluidity (type J)


Acquired Biomass 70 certification




●特殊な熱処理を施し、流動性を高め、薄肉成型と高精度化を実現した高流動性タイプ(tyep J)



There are basically two types of MIRAIWOOD pellets

1:Normal type with wood texture (N)

2:High fluidity type with special heat treatment to improve fluidity, achieve thin molding and high accuracy.(type J)

The standard specification is a white ash material made by upcycled waste wood powder from Mizuno Corporation.


Production introduction method

















Can be produced with existing injection molding equipment

・Mold design and molding technology require special know-how to improve fluidity.

・We can create molds for both wood powder molding and plastic molding. Existing molds can be modified to support both.

・We will consult on the introduction of MIRAIWOOD molding.


One-stop service from mold design to production consignment

・It is possible to contract the production of MIRAIWOOD products at our high-quality factory (Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture).

・Molds are created from CAD data.

・Development is possible through partnerships with first-class designers from the stage of product planning, marketing and design for OEM and ODM.


Contract development of upcycled wood flour pellets

・It is possible to undertake the development of wood flour pellets exclusively for your company.

・Depending on the type of wood, we may not be able to meet your expectations.

・In the case of wood with a light specific gravity, it may fall below 51% in terms of weight.


Material characteristics of MIRAIWOOD





・木材などバイオマス素材の臭気の原因物質を除去 ※環境汚染の原因となる化学薬品は使用しません


























Core technology of MIRAIWOOD

・Hybridization of highly mixed wood and biodegradable resin without relying on chemical treatment

・Improved fluidity through special heat treatment, realizing mass production with a wood flour ratio of 51% or more, which was previously considered difficult.

・Removes odor-causing substances from biomass materials such as wood.*No chemicals that cause environmental pollution are used.


Injection molding of MIRAIWOOD pellets

・It has lower fluidity than plastic, and molding requires know-how.

・Molds also need to be processed to prevent corrosion and improve fluidity (Conventional resin molds can be modified to support both MIRAIWOOD)

・We recommend production at our designated certified factory.


Material characteristics of MIRAIWOOD (1)

・High strength and high rigidity

・Higher thermal properties than plastic

・Higher weather resistance than wood

・Since there is no drying shrinkage like wood, dimensional stability is high.

・Compared to wood, it absorbs less moisture and swells and corrodes less.

・Recyclable as a thermoplastic resin


Material characteristics of MIRAIWOOD②

・Tensile strength: stronger than polypropylene. About 5 times more than the high flow type

・Flexural modulus: about twice that of ABS

・Bending strength: Inferior to ABS, but about 1.5 times that of PP

・Charpy impact test: Due to the characteristics of wood, it is hard and brittle

・Load deflection temperature test: heat resistance equivalent to ABS


*Since the above test results cannot be published on the website, please request detailed materials from the "Inquiry" form below.


Environmental commitment

















 比重の70%以上、体積比では90%以上が植物由来のため、石油の使用を大幅に削減できます。 ※一般的なプラスチックとの比較












Up-cycled waste wood

We will utilize plant waste materials that have been discarded so far, reduce industrial waste, and value resources.


LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

We will fairly quantify the reduction of carbon dioxide and energy and strive to reduce it.


Reduce material and energy

We produce molds for wooden products with low resources and low energy.


Contribution to waste reduction

Because it is a wooden product, it can be disposed of as combustible waste.


We strive to prevent marine pollution caused by microplastics.

Because it is wood + biodegradable resin, it is expected to undergo the same decomposition process as natural wood even if it leaks into the natural world.


Reduce petroleum content by 73.3% or more

More than 70% of the specific gravity and more than 90% of the volume are derived from plants, so the use of petroleum can be greatly reduced. *Comparison with general plastic


Does not pollute soil

Harmful chemicals such as bleaching agents (mercury, hexavalent chromium, etc.) are not used.


No CO2 emitted from wood into the atmosphere

Utilizing the ability of wood to fix carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide absorbed by the wood is not released.


promote recycling

"It is a recyclable material." In the future, we will also work on creating a recycling-oriented production system from collection to recycling.

MIRAIWOOD more information

木質アップサイクル射出成形材料 MIRAIWOOD(ミライウッド)とは


























What is MIRAIWOOD, a wood-based upcycled injection molding material?

・Biomass material with a biomass rate of 73.3% (including upcycled wood flour at least 51%)

・It has a luxurious feel unique to natural materials, and has excellent heat resistance, water resistance, and dimensional stability.

・By upcycling industrial waste materials, synergistic effects can be achieved for many companies.


Environmental performance

・Reduce and recycle woody industrial waste with our unique upcycling technology

・By blending biodegradable plastic with wood flour (51% or more), petroleum-derived ingredients are reduced by 73.3% or more

・Reliable environmental performance with biomass mark 70 certification


Consideration for environmental conservation

・Due to the properties of wood, it reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 65% (Forestry Agency reference value) compared to petroleum products.

・Woods help reduce ocean acidification by fixing CO2 and preventing it from permeating into seawater.

・Does not use dangerous chemical treatments (bleach, etc.) that cause soil contamination


Indication of environmental performance

・Biomass mark 70 certification can be displayed on regular MIRAIWOOD products.

・OEM products come with LCA calculation data. You can display environmental evidence such as CO2 reduction

・You can use the MIRAIWOOD brand logo free of charge to promote your SDGs.


Easy introduction of environmental materials at our high-quality factory

・According to your request, we will carry out integrated production from mold design to production of molded products at our domestic factory.

・Please contact us for ODM development and OEM production of your company's original MIRAIWOOD products.


・We also accept consultations on entry into the SDGs business and marketing of environmental products.


Requests for more detailed materials and samples, technical inquiries

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