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Design the future for children

Vertical integration of material development, manufacturing technology development, marketing, and environmental market creation

Thorough knowledge of the characteristics of recyclable materials and total design of business models and products

環境材料をどのように活かすか? 社会やユーザーにとってメリットの大きい製品にするにはどうしたら良いのか?



How can we make use of environmental materials? 

What should be done to make the product more beneficial to society and users?Taking advantage of new materials, raising awareness, and considering contributions to society... While attention to environmentally friendly materials and products is increasing, in order to actually make them into products, it is necessary to meet existing market needs. Unlike the product development method, future-oriented marketing that detects latent demand, attractive designs that propose future lifestyles, and concrete proposals for solving social issues and contributing to society are important.






Assisting in product development and design development for future proposals

"MIRAIWOOD" is jointly developed with world-famous designers who have worked on many product designs for famous brands. Based on our thorough knowledge of environmental issues, SDGs, and cutting-edge technology, we can make proposals to clients through product planning, concept design, and prototyping. Furthermore, developed products can be mass-produced quickly and with high quality by Ryoka Kogyo Co., Ltd. and cooperating factories. We can provide a one-stop service to fabless companies that are considering product development using environmental materials.




About participating designers

Designers with a proven track record of designing products for world-famous brands participate in the design. His works to date have been highly acclaimed worldwide, including being awarded the highest award at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Good Design Award. The designer's profile will be published soon.




design project

MIRAIWOOD also aims to be an open design platform. Based on your company's wooden materials (waste materials), we aim to provide consistent support from upcycle material development to product planning consultation, design production, and commercialization. Please contact us from the inquiry form first. *Currently, there are technical limitations.


branding design of MIRAIWOOD









Ingenuity to make it easier to sell environmental products

It is generally said that “environmental materials are difficult to sell”. The reasons for this are presumed to be (1) high cost, (2) low direct benefits for users, and introduction for the convenience of producers and sellers, and (3) difficulty in understanding and explaining environmental performance. .


At MIRAIWOOD, we use branding design as a tool to simplify product descriptions and accurately convey appropriate environmental performance.


MIRAIWOOD's environmental evidence is based on the latest public database based on the AIST inventory. The display of this logo aims to implement the function as an alias (shortcut) that leads to its reliability.

















Branding for MIRAIWOOD

・Shortcut icon for environmental performance data

・Easy to understand the environmental performance of the product and easy to sell

・Clarify the difference from other products and give consideration to the advantage of adopting companies


Biomass mark 70 certification

・MIRAIWOOD products are official biomass certified products.

・Overwhelming biomass rate of 73.3% or more can be used for PR


Consideration for SDGs and ESG

・MIRAIWOOD business design is based on social contribution

・Benefits for users, producers, and sellers


The MIRAIWOOD logo was born to convey that philosophy.











MIRAIWOOD brand logo design

・9 rhombuses of 3+6 gather to form one rhombus

・Each lozenge has 9 ideas.

・The 6 greens represent the expansion of forest resources

・Blue expresses clear water and sky (atmosphere)

・The yellow in the center is the sun (flower). all energy sources

・Water and plants are infinitely circulated and developed by SUN (Flower)

・We express "diamond flower of life"

・The design shows respect for the history of Ryoka Sangyo Co., Ltd.

・The inheritance is reflected in the aspect ratio of the lozenge and the family crest-like design.


Designing businesses and business plans that solve social issues








Designing society, businesses, and profit models

The word “design” encompasses a wide variety of things, such as the relationship between society, industry, and users, materials, processing, manufacturing processes, the shape of the final product, and communication between companies and users. I have the ability to design complex layer structures.


In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on "business design," which sees social issues as business opportunities and designs ways to monetize them through products and services.


New business creation through so-called innovation has become a new design area, and the demand for business designers, planners, and architects who are different from conventional designers is increasing.








Business design for sustainable materials

Until now, it has been considered very difficult to turn social issues such as environmental materials into a business.


In many Japanese companies, which specialize in commodity intermediate materials, value added through intermediate processing and price competition have determined their business performance. However, in the environmental field, it is difficult to compete with that method. New materials that have not been commoditized are expensive, have unknown sales effects, and are often taken as an adventure by purchasing companies.


At MIRAIWOOD, we have adopted a business model that focuses on earning steady advance profits and generates profits together with our customers through measures to lower the hurdles to introduction, the use of public subsidies, and experimental introductions.


Services that improve corporate environmental responsiveness







Participation in waste material upcycling improves environmental friendliness

MIRAIWOOD is manufactured by upcycling waste wood powder from baseball bats provided by Mizuno Corporation. This fact has led to inquiries from many companies, asking if it is possible to upcycle their waste wood.


By disclosing the origin of Mizuno wood powder and commercializing it, we learned that it has increased the trust of customers, and at the same time, it has also appealed to Mizuno's response to the environment. 







Corporate branding of upcycled materials to increase their value

Although responding to the environment is an urgent issue for many companies, we found that many companies are in a situation where it is actually difficult to enter. Although it is limited to vegetable waste wood, MIRAIWOOD's upcycling technology makes it possible to recycle waste wood from a wide variety of companies into environmental products.


In reality, upcycling is difficult due to the specific gravity of wood and the oil content of organic materials.


SDGs : Sustainable Design Project










Aiming for profitability by solving social issues

The first social contribution project of MIRAIWOOD is the sustainability of traditional Japanese industries and local industries. The lacquerware industry, which inspired MIRAIWOOD products, is suffering from the wood shock and soaring resource prices. In addition, the local industry, which has developed from lacquerware to modern plastic tableware, is also being affected by the wave of decarbonization and de-oil.


Yamanaka Lacquerware, a traditional industry in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture, is one of them. Lacquerware that is carved from wood also produces a large amount of waste wood powder at the same time.


Therefore, with MIRAIWOOD's upcycling technology, we will develop biomass molding materials from waste wood powder of lacquerware, and support the reduction of waste and the sustainability of modern tableware. It is a business model that takes into account the high added value in the European and American markets by using natural materials for modern tableware.











Making traditional Japanese technology sustainable

Also, we focused on the succession of the traditional technique of lacquerware "Rokuro Hiki". We are challenging the possibility that MIRAIWOOD's wood powder characteristics can be used for cutting as well as for injection molding. By developing sustainable molding wood using upcycled wood flour for the traditional technique of lacquerware, we aim to provide a stable supply of materials from production areas and to develop overseas markets where sustainable materials are popular.


For MIRAIWOOD, the development of molded wood for traditional industries is the best chance to achieve both social contribution and sustainable market development.


This challenge has been adopted by Kaga City as a new product development subsidy, and we will start development with the aim of completing it in the spring of 2023.

Product Design



The first MIRAIWOOD product was born from a joint research project of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government aiming for utilization at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. This product is designed by a public institution in Tokyo.




Considering inbound demand, it is designed as a tough and ecological outdoor product that is suitable for watching sports outdoors and glamping, with a Japanese taste that makes you feel the traditional beauty of Japan.





Organic and luxury style

Taking advantage of the characteristics of wood flour, we designed it as a full-fledged "tableware". The luxury of Japanese lacquerware and the modern, luxurious, organic design are realized with injection molding technology that can be mass-produced.




Ergonomic design

Based on a public database of human hand sizes, the tumblers are designed to fit naturally in the hands of approximately 80% of Japanese people. Consideration has been given to allow guests to relax and enjoy tea and sake time.